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Demo project created in Winter 2014, heavily inspired by Fire Emblem with a bit of inspiration from Paper Mario. I actually originally tried to do this in Construct 2, but I hit a snag with the number of events, so I ended up swapping it over to Unity. There's a text file included to credit all the resources that made this possible.


- Hit Z when the ! indicator shows up to increase your damage dealt and reduce damage taken, as well as increase your EXP gain. This is based on Paper Mario/SMRPG's 'action commands'.

- You can press C to expand info boxes where applicable.

- Characters level up at 100 EXP, gaining a little bit in each stat.

- All characters have skills that cost nothing, but have no action command.

- Once a character dies, they're dead for good! Thankfully, they can still talk as a ghost during cutscenes.


tacticsgame.zip 20 MB

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